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A stunning round diamond ring will be the first choice that may pop into the mind of almost every person when it comes to diamond engagement rings. In fact, round cut diamonds always dominated the industry. On a related note, 75% of the overall diamonds sold in the market are round.

Nowadays, couples are, however, steering away from this traditional choice and embracing modern fancy diamond cuts. Note that fancy cut diamonds include every diamond shape that is not round. Fancy cut diamonds were introduced in the field to promote shapes other than round and to diversify the options. Clearly, the diamond sellers succeeded in their venture.

The most popular options when it comes to fancy cut diamonds so far is the princess diamond cut, which is referred to the square brilliant cut. Note that the faceting pattern of a princess cut diamond is almost the same as that of a round brilliant cut diamond and so is its sparkle. So, this is the best option for people who give priority to the brilliance of their gemstone.

In case you love to choose a fancy cut diamond but do not want to go too far away from the traditional options, an oval cut diamond ring will be the perfect option. It is to be noted that an oval cut diamond ring can be defined as a perfect blend of a rectangular and round diamond. There are also many other factors that you must consider if you admire these non-round beauties and would love to purchase one. Some of those important points are given below.

Some Settings are Perfect for Fancy Cut Diamonds

The perfect setting that highlights the beauty of a round diamond ring to the fullest is the prong setting. Similarly, there are some amazing diamond ring settings to accentuate the shape and beauty of fancy cut diamonds as well. Some of the best options, in this case, are the three stone diamond ring setting, halo setting, bezel setting, etc.

Pair Fancy Cut Diamonds with the Right Metal Choices

Certain metals tend to highlight the appeal of fancy cut diamonds to the fullest. Note that the fancy cut diamonds like emerald, Asscher, baguette, etc., features a lesser number of facets and hence, they are unlikely to mask the flaws within the stone. So, pairing them with light metals such as platinum, white gold, silver, etc. will highlight these flaws.

Otherwise, you will have to invest in diamonds of higher color and clarity grades and such options will be extremely expensive. On the other hand, brilliant cut diamonds like princess, cushion, oval, trillion cut diamonds, etc., tend to hide the inclusions. Hence, light metal choices will be a suitable option in this case.

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