Top Tips For Selecting Best Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

Oval Diamond Engagement Rings
Oval Diamond Engagement Rings
Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

Oval diamond engagement rings are liked by brides because they look significantly larger than round-cut diamonds with similar carat weight. However, one of the disadvantages of buying oval diamonds is that they are not graded by the GIA for their cut quality. So, to get good rings with this diamond cut, you must follow the standard guidelines along with some important extra factors. This can ensure that you get rings with sparkly and beautiful center stones that will grab the attention of people. Read on to know tips for buying the best oval-cut diamond engagement rings.

How Do You Pick An Oval Diamond Engagement Ring?

Listed below are important tips for choosing the best oval cut engagement rings:

  • Choose a ring with a center stone that has contrast
  • Avoid rings that have watery or dark bowties and tips
  • Choose between lively oval and crushed ice oval
  • Choose a ring with a pretty pleasing oval-shaped diamond
  • Avoid oval diamond with odd reflections and fish eyes

Oval Diamond Engagement Rings With Even Contrast Or Brilliance

It is recommended to choose oval diamond engagement rings with a center stone that has evenly spread contrast and brilliance. The dark areas are needed because they can highlight the sparkle of the stone. Remember that contrast can make your diamond engagement ring more beautiful, dramatic, and interesting to look at. Furthermore, it also helps to hide dark bowties and tips in an oval diamond.

Know About Bowties In Oval Diamonds

Dark contrast in the form of a bowtie at the center of an oval-cut diamond can make it less attractive. Likewise, washed-out or watery bowties are also not attractive.

You must know that all oval-cut diamonds have a bowtie effect, and some are better than others, i.e., they are evenly spread. This can elevate the beauty of the stone as well as that of oval diamond engagement rings. You must know that this effect occurs because the width facets are steeper and shorter than side facets.

The Style Quirks Of Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

Oval-cut diamonds are fancy-cut shapes, and there are different shape considerations. Listed below are some useful points that you must consider when selecting them:

  • Avoid dark tips
  • Look for 4, 6, or 9 pavilion mains
  • Avoid oval-cut diamonds with tips that have more warmth than their center
  • Choose an oval-cut diamond with a graceful shoulder curve because it will boost the value and beauty of the ring.

Length To Width Ratio

Most people choose oval diamond engagement rings with the oval shape diamond having a length-to-width ratio of 1.35 to 1.50. Stones falling in this range are not too round or too pointy.

We hope that the details shared above will help you with selecting the best oval-cut diamond engagement rings.

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