Tips to Make your Round Diamond Engagement Rings Look Bigger

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There will be hardly any bride who does not fall for the brilliance as well as the timeless elegance of round diamond engagement rings. In fact, round diamonds are the most popular options so far when it comes to diamond shapes. The main highlight of choosing a round diamond ring is that you will not have to worry about the design going out of fashion even after many decades. Plus, round diamonds can be beautified with any type of diamond ring setting.

However, this immense popularity of round diamonds contributed to the sudden upsurge in its price. Furthermore, the rough diamond wastage during the cutting process of round diamonds is way more when compared to other fancy diamond shapes. So, you will have to break your bank in order to own a huge round diamond ring. Fortunately, there are certain tips with which you can make your round diamond engagement rings look bigger than its actual size. Some of those valuable tips to get the best band for your bucks on your round diamond engagement ring purchase are listed below.

Add a Halo

Halo diamond ring setting is one of the most popular diamond rings settings. In this setting, the round center diamond of your ring will be encircled with a halo of diamond accents. This will instantly lift up the overall size as well as the bling factor of your ring to the next level. If you prefer to create an illusion of an extremely big solitaire diamond ring, you may add two or three layers of halo around your round diamond.

Consider Slender Prongs

If you can think about nothing but a classic solitaire round diamond ring, it is better to choose slender prongs in order to hold your diamond. It is to be noted that by employing a minimum metal setting, you can expose your gemstone to the fullest. This will, in turn, make your round diamond sparkle to the best. Plus, this will make your diamond look much bigger than its actual carat weight. The same thing is applicable to the diamond ring band as well. Delicate diamond ring bands tend to highlight the main gemstone better.

Lustrous Metal Setting

Another way to maximize the size of your round diamond engagement rings is by setting them using lustrous metals such as platinum and white gold. The mirror-like reflection of these metals would add to the overall sparkle of your ring. On the other hand, colored metals such as rose gold, green gold, yellow gold, etc. tend to highlight the main gemstone, but rarely boost their apparent size.

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