Tips to Avoid Scams While Purchasing your Diamond Rings

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Diamond Rings Purchasing Tips

Diamond rings are usually bought in order to celebrate some significant milestones in the life of people such as engagements, weddings, anniversaries, friendship, etc. However, just like all other fields, scams are a major drawback of the jewelry field as well. Hence, you must be really careful while purchasing your marquise cut diamond ring. Apart from the frauds, many diamond jewelers tend to employ a number of strategies in order to boost up their sale as well as to make it profitable for them. This means the deal will be a loss for the customer. So, you must be aware of their professional strategies as well before setting out on your diamond ring purchase journey. In order to make things even easier, below are some of the in-depth details regarding the same.

Uncertified Diamonds

Certified diamonds means you can ensure that your gemstones are real and actually boast the values the seller claims. In addition, you will be able to assess the gemological quality of your diamonds that is not possible for an untrained eye otherwise. Some diamond jewelers may try to lure you into buying their uncertified diamonds at incredibly affordable rates. Note that this is more likely to be a scam since no one will sell you diamonds if they are at loss. Even if the diamond is real, you cannot rule out the chances of the diamond being an unethical one. This will be particularly important if you are buying the diamond for your engagement. Note that your round engagement rings ought to reflect ethical values such as love, friendship, eternity, etc.

Three Months’ Salary Policy

One of the most common strategies that salespeople use to boost up their sales is the three months’ salary rule. According to this policy, you will have to spend at least your three months’ salary on your diamond engagement rings. Note that it is always wise to choose a sparkler that you can afford rather than being indebted at the very beginning of a beautiful relationship. You will probably have to face many other expenses in the future such as a grand wedding, honeymoon, home, vehicle, etc. Furthermore, you can always upgrade your round engagement rings in the future when you are financially stable.

Refund Policy

When doing online diamond shopping, you would check the quality of your diamond by means of their online magnifier and full-angle view. Plus, there will be a diamond grading report along with your gemstone. Still, it is recommended to assess the quality of your diamond in person once you get it. In the case your diamond turns out to be fake or if it does not entail the quality the seller actually claimed, you must make sure that you get your money back. For this, it is highly recommended to shop from online sites that offer refund or return services.

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