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The round diamond engagement rings are the ones, which are in the industry since the 1900s. The picture of a round solitaire diamond comes to one’s mind when he hears about a diamond ring. Round engagement rings are still popular around the world and are loved by women of all kinds.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of round diamond engagement rings.

Pros of Round Diamond Engagement Rings

  • The round brilliant cut diamond is very popular around the globe. There are round diamonds available in different settings from which you can choose according to your likes. There are round engagement rings, featuring bands made of rose gold, white gold, tungsten, platinum, etc. You will be able to choose the one, which is of your liking. Even wooden rings with a round brilliant diamond will look stunning.
  • The round cut has greater brilliance and fire than all other diamond cuts. It is because the cut excellently reflects light.
  • The round cut diamond rings are readily available in the jewelry stores. It will not be difficult for you to choose a round cut diamond ring for her.
  • It looks excellent as a solitaire ring. Not all of the diamond cuts are good as solitaires. However, engagement rings with solitaire round diamonds are stunning, and many women make it as their engagement and wedding rings.
  • There are no sharp corners for the round cut diamonds. Hence, there is no danger of the diamond being chipped or broken due to some accidental hits or bangs.
  • Since the corners of the round diamonds are not so sharp they can go well with any kind of setting. You may choose a prong or a bezel setting according to your wish. Selecting a tension set ring will be a unique choice you can make.
  • The round diamond rings always have a high resale value. If you ever want to upgrade your ring or sell your ring, you can be assured of getting a good resale value.

Cons of Round Diamond Engagement Rings

  • The round cut diamond engagement rings are expensive than rings featuring other diamond cuts. You will be able to buy an engagement ring featuring a princess cut diamond or an emerald cut diamond, for a cheaper price than the one featuring a round brilliant cut.
  • It is difficult to get round cut diamonds of a larger carat weight because much of the diamond will be lost while cutting it to get brilliant facets.
  • Since, the stone is very popular, there would not be any unique feel that accompanies the ring.

Round diamond engagement rings are still loved by women around the world and it never loses its name and fame.

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