Differences Between Men’s and Women’s Wedding Bands

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Most people are confused about the guidelines for selecting men’s and women’s wedding bands. When they like a ring, a common question they ask the jeweler is that whether it is a men’s band or women’s band. But in reality, are there any specific rules and regulations for differentiating men’s bands from that of women’s? Many experts say that there are no such specifications or differentiations. It is the preferences and likes that create these differences.

But when we ask the same question to couples, they would say that there are definitely a lot of differences between men’s and women’s wedding bands. Most men like their bands simple and minimalistic, whereas most women like their bands sparkly and embellished.

Another difference is created by the varying lifestyles of these two genders. Men tend to have more active lifestyles; hence, delicate and fragile designs will not match them. Hence, through this article, we list some common differences found on men’s and women’s bands for helping you to select the right band for both of you.


Men usually go for widerbands. The width of the men’s band will be usually 6mm, while it will be around 4mm for women. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to stick with this specific measurement. You can select the width as you like. Another important factor is the thickness of the band. Men will usually wear thicker bands, whereas women like thinner bands. Also, men like their bands to be simple, without any embellishments or protruding designs or stones attached to them, but most women prefer their bands flashy and shiny.

Simple platinum or gold band engagement rings are a great choice for men. However, they can be costly based on the increase in the width and thickness of the bands. Those who are looking for affordable options can go for other metals like silver or tungsten, etc.


When coming to the choice of stones, women get the privilege to select from a wide variety of options. They can select diamonds or other colored gemstones for their rings. Women may choose sparkly rings with more than one stone, or a solitaire ring with a bigger stone at the center.

However, men usually select bands with only a single stone that will be flush-mounted with the band. A round diamond ring with a stone set only in the center is a popular design in men’s wedding bands.

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