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Diamond rings, especially the engagement and wedding rings are regarded as a lifetime commitment. Most couples tend to wear it like forever and hence, it has to be sturdy and durable. Plus it has to complement various lifestyles of people as well. Needless to mention, most people tend to lead a busy and active lifestyle in the present world. Furthermore, diamonds are way expensive and your diamond ring must be able to secure it well. So, what will be an ideal choice than platinum diamond rings for the millennial couples?

Platinum round diamond engagement rings are the most popular options in the field. Any jewelry piece tends to last depending on the way the user maintains it. Of course, the caring methods for diamond rings tend to vary depending on the metal choice, settings, and the type of gemstones encrusted on it. When it comes to platinum, it is the hardest and sparkling choice and has got a number of quirks that any other metal cannot offer. If you are wondering about the ways to care for your stunning platinum round diamond ring, some of the helpful ways are listed below.

Should you Focus on the Unique Patina of your Platinum Sparklers?

As mentioned earlier, platinum is the way harder and dense than gold or any other metals. Still, it is vulnerable to dents, dings, and wears over time. In fact, your valuable platinum metal may lose its mirror-like reflection as well over time and forms a patina or a frosted appeal. While you can easily make your platinum bands shine like anything again by polishing it, some couples love the frosted appeal of their engagement rings. To maintain this appeal, avoid cleaning your rings regularly.

How to Care for your Platinum Diamond Engagement Rings

Any task will pile up if you don’t manage it on time; the same thing applies to your platinum bands as well. If you don’t clean your platinum round diamond engagement rings on time, it will accumulate dirt and grime making the task worse and challenging. In simple words, it is always better to take care of your engagement rings and take precautions rather than looking for a solution after the damage happens.

Below are some tips that you can consider to make your platinum round diamond ring look brighter and brand new even after many decades.

  • Make sure to take off your rings when using any chemicals or abrasives while doing certain chores such as cleaning, doing dishes, etc. Otherwise, it can scratch or corrode your metal and damage your center stone.
  • Avoid wearing platinum bands if you often indulge in hands-on activities such as sculpting, landscaping, gardening, working out, etc.
  • Store your platinum bands separately. If you keep it in the same jewelry box along with other ornaments, it is likely to get scratched and vice versa.

Thankfully, getting scratch on the surface is not a big issue in the case of platinum bands when compared to gold rings. Note that platinum will not lose its metal when it gets scratched, unlike gold rings. Here, the metal will simply get misplaced and you can easily restore it as well as the luster by polishing it.

How to Clean your Gleaming Platinum Diamond Engagement Rings

It is said that regular cleaning is a must to maintain the appeal and beauty of any diamond jewelry piece; let alone the case of platinum engagement rings. After all, engagement rings are meant for a lifetime. For this, one of the best ways is to use a mild ornament cleaner that is made for platinum. This type of cleaners is readily available in the market as well.

If you find this option a bit challenging, a solution of warm water and mild liquid soap will be a great alternative; just scrub your ring with a soft-bristled brush to remove the dirt. It is to be noted that you must nerve submerge your sparklers in any kind of solution since it can damage the diamonds or other gemstones on it. Furthermore, you can consider jewelry cleaning machines as well for this purpose. Make sure to consider the type of setting and gemstones the ring boasts in this case as well to avoid complications.

How Costly is Professional Platinum Diamond Ring Cleaning?

Without any doubt, professional jewelry cleaning is one of the best ways to maintain your platinum bands. In fact, it is recommended to get your jewelry pieces checked by a professional at least once or twice a year. After all, they have better knowledge about your ring and its settings and will use methods accordingly to clean or repair your sparklers.

The cost of professional ring cleaning will depend on many factors such as the expertise of the cleaner, the type of settings, the age of the ring, the elements to be repaired, etc. In most cases, the overall cost would be around $50. Some platinum rings might have insurance coverage or lifetime free maintenance offer. In such cases, you will not have to pay even a penny to get your ring cleaned by a professional.

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