Your Ultimate Checklist For Video Conferencing


If you ask me, what is the best way to connect to remote business clients? I would undoubtedly say video conferencing. The scope also extends to partners or colleagues who are in a different location than yours.  If the introduction has spiced you up, continue reading to know what an ultimate video conferencing checklist looks like. I am breaking down the requirements into two: system requirements and hardware requirements. Let us now begin.

System Requirements

For the best quality video conferencing to take place, the below-discussed items are mandatory.


A webcam is a necessity; preferably one that supports high resolution. The whole idea about opting for video conferencing is to see the person sitting on either end clearly. Even their slightest change in facial expression on hearing certain important details that are shared in such meetings must be visible.


Your computer must necessarily have a processer that works fast. A fast processor ensures adequate quality in voice and video. Slower functioning computer processors can adversely affect the quality of the voice and video.


The principle applied in the case of computer processors is applicable here. The faster the speed of the network, the better the clarity in the voice and video will be.

Hardware Requirements

The following are the hardware you require for convening the best quality video conferences.


To enjoy high-quality video calls during important meetings, ensure your video conferencing installers have installed excellent quality video conferencing cameras.


The display screen is another mandate of video conferencing. Remember to state your requirements clearly, for instance, the size of the screen and the type of screen you want the installers to install at your office. The size of the screen largely depends on the size of the room which you have decided to convert into the conference room.


An excellent microphone is an absolute must-have. A microphone that innately reduces noises or distortions is ideal.

In addition to these, you also need to install software that supports video conferencing. Together with the software, you will also need to install an application on your mobile phone for enabling easy mobility. Your video conferencing installers might be able to help you with this.

After reading the article, I am certain that the next time you pick up your phone to schedule a meeting with video conferencing installers; you will know what to ask about and what to expect.

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