Benefits Of Wearing Black Tourmaline Necklace


The practice of wearing crystals for getting protection from negative energies and avoiding bad luck has been in existence even for centuries. This trend is still popular among us and we wear ornaments made of various crystals to attract positive powers and good luck.

There is a wide variety of crystals that are said to have healing properties. One of the popular stones known for their magical powers is black tourmaline. People wear black tourmaline necklace, bracelets, and other ornaments to get the protective properties of this stone.

Black tourmaline is considered a very powerful grounding, protection, and purification stone. Along with filtering out negative energies from your life, black tourmaline can offer a wide range of other benefits too. Some of them are listed below:

Healing Properties Of Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline can banish negativity and give protection to people from evil powers. It is believed to attract good fortune and help people heal mentally. This stone can be especially beneficial for people who experience stress, as it can aid to relieve this mental problem.

The following are some of the best healing properties associated with black tourmaline:

  • This stone blocks and repels negative energy which adds to its protective properties.
  • This crystal has the capability to accept positive energy that can be beneficial for people to improve their life.
  • Black tourmaline can also attract good fortune.
  • It can help to balance energies.
  • This stone is found to have the power to turn dense energy into light.
  • Black tourmaline might also help to calm the mind by alleviating different mental problems like stress and anxiety.

Physical Healing Properties Of Black Tourmaline

Along with healing different mental and spiritual problems, black tourmaline can also offer you some physical benefits. Some of the physical healing properties of black tourmaline are:

  • It can help with detoxification.
  • Boost the strength of your immune system.
  • Might give protection from certain health conditions like arthritis, addictions, etc.

Black tourmaline can be paired with some other crystals for enhancing its powers. Clear quartz and citrine are a great combination for this stone.

Some other crystals like obsidian, jet, smoky quartz and amethyst also pair well with black tourmaline. You can combine these crystals in your jewelry for improving its appeal and enhancing the healing properties of these stones.

If you are looking for stones with healing powers, then black tourmaline is a great option for you. It can bring good fortune to your life along with repelling negative powers. You can wear various ornaments made of this stone or keep in it your bedroom, office, purse, or pocket to have its benefits.

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