Why Oval Diamonds Are Better Than Round Cut Diamonds

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Round Diamond Ring

Round diamond rings are the most demanded diamond ring designs around the world. Many people claim that the sparkle and elegant look of the round diamonds are unmatched. The price of the round diamonds is very high not only because of its complex design but also due to its popularity and demand. Presently, many people have started to buy oval diamonds because it almost looks similar to the round cut and its price is comparatively less. Some of the advantages of buying an oval cut diamond ring are as follows.

Oval Diamonds Are Cheaper

The size of the stone is one of the main factors that determine the price. When the size increases, the weight of the stone will increase and it will affect its price. However, the price of two diamonds with the same weight can be different depending on the complexity of design, availability, etc. As mentioned earlier in this article, many people have started to replace the intention of buying round diamonds with oval diamonds because it is much cheaper. It will also give the consumer a bigger diamond at a considerably lower price because the oval design looks larger than round cuts.

Improves The Beauty Of The Fingers

A diamond is a beautiful stone and it has been a long time since it became a part of women’s jewelry. People wear diamond ornaments mainly because of two reasons. One is because of its elegant look and the other is to show their status and affluence. If you are wearing an oval cut diamond ring it will give you an additional benefit. Since it is an elongated design, it will make your fingers look more slender and beautiful. It is having curved edges like round cut diamond, thus, it can also be used as a daily wear.

The above mentioned are some of the advantages of buying oval cut diamond rings. When we talk about diamonds, the first design that comes to our mind is the round cut. This is because it is the most common design used by people. Its popularity is also playing a major role in its price. If you are planning to buy a diamond ring, it is ideal to exclude round diamonds from your list because it can help you save a lot of money. The oval cut diamonds are equally stunning and it has the same number of facets like round diamonds.

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