Which is the Right Diamond Shape for Your Hand?

Oval Cut Diamond
oval cut diamond

When going for engagement ring shopping, you can see a lot of designs with different diamond shapes. Every shape may not be suitable for your hand; therefore, it is important to select one which fits your hand perfectly. Here are some guidelines from us to help you with selecting the right diamond for your hand. Whether you have small-sized fingers, large fingers or slender ones, this article will definitely help you.

Smaller hands

When it comes to small hands, it is better to select diamonds with smaller size. You can select small-sized stones that are cut in round shape. Princess cut and Asscher cut will also be a right match for you. If you want to give an elongated look for your fingers, then oval cut diamonds, pear diamonds and marquise cut diamonds are some good choices. Thin bands or rings with split shank will also look good on your fingers.

Wider fingers

The main advantage people with wider fingers get is that bigger and bolder rings will not look heavy on their hands, unlike people with small fingers. Fancy cut diamonds will match your hand perfectly. You can go for radiant cut diamonds including emerald, marquise, rectangular or oval cut diamonds. Cushion cut halo diamond engagement rings will look great on your fingers.

Try three-stone rings and rings with asymmetrical design or angular shapes and when it comes to the band, you can select medium to wide sized ones.

Long and Petite fingers

If you have long and slender fingers you are free to select a variety of diamond shapes for your center stone. Bigger stones will also appear more proportional with this type of hands. Fancy, round and square stones would look nice on such fingers. You can select bold and large designs and also rings with wider bands. Go for heavier and thicker bands or for ones with double rows of stones.

How to select an engagement ring?

You can select a ring based on your style and personality. Choose a diamond shape or band size as you like, even if it does not fit into the beauty standards of the society, it doesn’t matter. What matters is your likes and preference.

There are no specific rules for selecting the right engagement ring and you can just select one that flatters your fingers. You can select a ring that you love or that seems perfect for your hands. The above guidelines may make your engagement ring shopping easy as it will help you to narrow down your choices. Hence, you can find the best ring without much hassle.

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