Unique Diamond Ring Cuts and Their Symbolism

Oval Diamond Engagement Rings
Oval Cut Diamond
Unique Diamond Ring Cuts

There are numerous factors that you must consider while looking for a perfect diamond engagement ring. Still, the most exciting as well the agonizing choice you will have to make will be about the right diamond ring cuts. Note that the diamond cut is the most crucial factor that makes the stone either extremely brilliant or just dull and lifeless. Hence, you cannot afford to make any mistake in this case. After all, diamond engagement rings will probably be the longest and most expensive style commitment you ever make.

Naturally, you may find it a bit overwhelming to choose a diamond cut with which your significant other will instantly fall in love. You can easily tackle this situation if you learn about the unique meanings of different diamond cuts. Below are some of the stunning and enviable diamond cuts along with their meaning that will help you choose the right diamond cut for your lady love.

Round Brilliant Cut

This is the most popular diamond cut so far and is regarded as the epitome of classiness and timeless elegance. The main highlight of round brilliant stone is their unbeatable light performance. Without any doubts, a round diamond ring will be an ideal choice for the brides who steer towards timeless and classic designs. You can confirm this option instantly if your better half crave for a ring that offers the best sparkle.

Oval Cut

An oval cut diamond is one of the most popular fancy diamond cuts. The main attraction of oval cut stones is their elongated silhouette that can make it look bigger than its actual carat weight. Obviously, oval cut diamond rings will be perfect for all the brides who love to stay a step ahead of fashion maintaining the elegance and classiness of the traditional styles.

Marquise Cut

This is another stunning fancy diamond cut that is characterized by its pointed tips and curved sides. Actually, marquise cut diamond is a blend of oval cut diamond and square cut diamond. People who love to get the best bang for their bucks often goes for marquise diamond rings. Note that the unique shape of marquise diamonds makes it look bigger than its actual size. Plus, their elongated silhouette will be ideal to flatter short and wide fingers.

Radiant Cut

Radiant cut stones usually resemble emerald cut diamonds. However, the former flaunt 70 facets whereas the latter only consists of 58 facets. Hence, radiant cut diamonds will be extremely brilliant. In fact, this cut is designed to enhance the brilliance of diamonds. Naturally, radiant cut diamond rings will be ideal for the brides who give priority to the brilliance and flash of their ring.

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