Top Arguments For Buying Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

Oval Diamond Engagement Rings
Oval Diamond Engagement Rings
Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

Many people consider oval diamond engagement rings as the next best option to round diamond rings. This is because they have sparkle and brilliance like the round stone, but are less costly. So, it is suitable for those who are tight on a budget but do not want to compromise on the style. Also, you must know that oval diamonds create the illusion of bigger size compared to round diamonds. This article will best attempt to answer different aspects of an oval cut diamond engagement ring.

Why Does Oval Cut Diamond Look Bigger?

Oval cut diamonds appear larger due to their elongated shape; this gives them a larger surface area. Also, when you wear an oval cut engagement ring, it covers more area of the finger, and because of this, many brides prefer it. Furthermore, depending on the size of the stone, it can be set either horizontally or vertically on the ring.

Important Points To Make Diamond Engagement Ring Look Bigger

  • Prioritize the cut
  • Avoid some diamond shapes
  • Choose diamond shape wisely
  • It is recommended to choose a halo setting
  • Choose a slim ring setting
  • A bright white setting is a good choice
  • Consider diamond with low color and clarity
  • Keep the diamond engagement ring clean

Top Arguments For Picking Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

Cheaper Than Round Cut Diamond

People choose oval diamond engagement rings because they are cheaper than a round diamond engagement ring. This difference is because less rough diamond is lost in the cutting process for creating an oval shape.

Different Shapes And Sizes

Compared to round diamonds, oval diamonds are available in different shapes and sizes. This varies from a slender oval shape to a wider and fuller oval shape. So, depending on the dimensions of the stone, you can make the diamond engagement ring more personal.


The variations in the shape and size of oval cut diamonds give you more options to customize diamond engagement rings. Due to this, you can create uniquely designed oval diamond engagement rings.

The Bow Tie Effect

The bow-tie effect happens with fancy cut diamonds; this is due to uneven light distribution within the stone. This is common in an oval cut diamond, and it adds to the beauty of the engagement ring if it blends with the rest of the design. But, if it is the only detail that stands out, then you should look for another oval diamond.

On a final note, when buying oval diamond engagement rings, ensure that the stone is certified.

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