Important Guidelines to Consider While Choosing Oval Diamond Rings

Oval Diamond Engagement Rings
Oval Diamond Engagement Rings
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Choosing the perfect shape for your diamond engagement ring so as to define your style and personality can be a bit overwhelming. The fact that there are around ten types of unique and captivating diamond shapes available in the stores may make the entire process even more challenging for you. One of the safest options that you may consider in this case are oval diamond engagement rings.

Its unmatchable charm, brilliance, and style are something that can make anyone fall for it. In fact, most studies in the field claim that dainty oval stones hold one of the top positions when it comes to diamond engagement rings. In case you are interested to choose oval diamond engagement rings for your better half, below are some of the important guidelines that you may consider before making the purchase.

Oval Diamonds Look Larger than its Actual Carat Weight

Usually, people may envision round engagement rings, when it is about bigger sparklers. Actually, oval diamond tends to create an illusion of larger diamonds when compared to other gemstones of similar carat weights including round diamonds. Note that oval stones exhibit a bigger surface area when compared to its round counterparts. In fact, an oval diamond of 1 carat tends to look 10% bigger than a 1 carat round diamond. That is, you will get the best bang for your bucks when you choose an oval cut diamond.

Oval Diamonds Can Create an Appeal of Slender Fingers

The elongated round profile of oval diamonds is perfect to make short look elongated and wide fingers appear slender. You can make your oval diamonds even more elongated by adding a halo of sparkling tiny diamond accents all around it. This will lift up the overall bling factor of your oval diamond engagement ring as well.

Pay Attention to the Length-to-Width Ratio of Oval Diamonds

The length-to-width ratio of oval diamonds plays a key role when it comes to their visual appeal. In fact, almost every oval diamond available online will have their LTW listed in their description so that the customers will be able to gauge how wider or narrow the gemstone is. If the LTW of an oval gemstone is higher, it indicates an elongated and skinnier diamond. On the other hand, your diamond is more of a round shape if it has a smaller LTW.

Note that the LTW of round diamonds is 1. Usually, most people choose oval diamond rings with an LTW ranging from 1.3 to 1.7. However, this is totally up to the personal preference of the wearer.

Do Not Overpay for Oval Diamond Rings

Oval gemstones are rare and unconventional options than round or rectangular stones when it comes to diamond engagement rings. This is because of their lower demand, because most people tend to run behind the traditional diamond ring trends. Hence, there is no point in paying more for such a ‘rare’ stone, while searching for oval diamond engagement rings.

Oval Diamond Rings are Extremely Brilliant

Unlike most people think, oval diamond rings are really brilliant and sparkly just like their round brilliant cut counterparts. Hence, this will be a great choice for all the couples who are looking for the brilliance of a round brilliant diamond but with a unique and enchanting charm. However, oval cut diamonds are not quantified using the GIA standards. Rather, oval diamonds have their own specifications.

Note that an optimal oval diamond tends to feature table percentage value around 63% for Excellent cut diamonds and 65% for Very Good cut diamonds. When it comes to the depth percentage, the optimal values are approximately 62% and 65% for Excellent and Very Good cut oval diamonds, respectively.

You must have a thorough knowledge of these specs when choosing oval diamond engagement rings. Additionally, make sure to do a visual inspection of your gemstone before making your purchase.

Oval Diamonds May Exhibit a Bow Tie Effect

Just like most other fancy cut diamonds, oval stones as well tend to exhibit the bow tie effect. This phenomenon is characterized by the dark and distracting shadows within your gemstone in the shape of a bow tie. As a result of its particular shape, this phenomenon is also known as the butterfly effect.

This issue usually occurs as a result of diamond cutting patterns that will tend to trap the light at its center, making it hard for the gemstone to bounce back the light. However, most diamond cutters and designers claim that a small bow tie effect adds to the beauty of oval diamonds.

Sadly, this phenomenon will not be documented in the GIA report. Hence, you must do a visual inspection in order to confirm the severity of the same. Note that severe bow tie effect can ruin the overall appeal of your oval diamond engagement ring. Yet again, this is totally up to the personal preference of the wearer. Usually, diamonds with a severe bow tie effect will be extremely cheap.

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