How to Choose the Best Oval Cut Diamond

Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
Best Oval Cut Diamond

The oval diamond cut was originally created in the 1960’s as a cross between the traditional round brilliant cut and the square-shaped pear cut. Also known the “modified brilliant cut”, an oval cut diamond amazingly gives off the impression of elongated fingers and flawlessly suits all types of bridal attires. Although famed as the most popular fancy diamond cut, finding the best oval cut diamond is not that simple as it sounds. Worry not, below is a quick guide to help you choose the ideal one for your needs.

How to Choose the Best Oval Cut Diamond

There are a key things to note here, of course, and that starts with the most obvious one – checking the length to width ratio of the stone. An oval cut diamond should feature a superb symmetry to produce the most excellent brilliance and fire, so you should never compromise on this part when buying an oval cut diamond engagement ring. The ideal length to width ratio for oval diamond cut is between 1.40 to 1.50; the stone would appear narrow if it goes beyond 1.50, while it gives a wider look when the ratio is under 1.40.

Although narrow and slimmer cut diamonds look gorgeous on earrings and pendants, the same might not be so appealing on an engagement ring. Similarly, wider oval cut diamonds can be used as side stones and accents, but they do not go well as the centerpiece gem on an engagement ring.

Aside from the length to width ratio, you should also keep an eye on the bow-tie effect in oval cut diamonds. The said effect refers to a darkened area right in the middle of the stone, so there is no arguing that it could ruin the overall allure of the diamond ring. Note that bow-tie effect occurs in an oval cut diamond because of low precision while cutting the stone as well as due to the misalignment of facets. So buying from a reputed jeweler is a must to stay away from such poor-quality diamonds.

Remember that the diamond grading certificate that comes with your oval cut diamond engagement ring will not have any details about the bow-tie effect either. So the best way to determine that there is no such visible defects in the stone is to carefully examine the diamond before you buy it. Besides, as the GIA does not grade the cut quality of oval cut diamonds, a manual inspection is imperative when choosing one for your ladylove. When on it, make sure that the oval diamond is well proportioned, brilliant, and offers a stunning appeal.

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