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Oval and round cut diamonds are brilliant diamonds that are extremely lively as well as give off amazing amounts of shine. They have fully rounded edges as well as wonderful face-up dimensions comparative to other cuts, which make them extremely attractive center stone options for engagement rings. However, round and oval brilliant diamonds have some differences. You have to review them prior to making purchase decision.

The elongated shape of an oval cut diamond creates the impression of greater size owing to the weight distribution of the stone, which also causes its shine to be spread out even more and maybe less intense. At the same time, a round cut diamond’s weight is distributed evenly throughout the stone. Since it has an even more compact shape, a round diamond will have great concentration of fire as well as brilliance.

There are different types of oval diamonds as well; some are slender and long, while others are fuller and wider. This will usually be determined by the length-to-width ratio of the oval stone – most people prefer one that is between 1.3:1.0 and 1.5:1.0 because this will make for the most balanced and desirable shape. You have the option to select the precise type of oval diamond as per your preference, which means you can make your oval diamond engagement rings even more unique.

Round diamonds are cut to precise specifications as well as have an almost ideal symmetrical round shape. With limited cut variations, there are fewer variables to be aware of while choosing round engagement rings.

Choosing between the Two

Round brilliant diamonds are ideally suited for one who is seeking an extremely classic as well as traditional shape. They are regarded timeless, and will surely remain popular for the years to come. Owing to this precise diamond cutting style, its shine factor is clearly unparalleled, while it is also the best diamond cut at hiding the stone’s inclusions and color tint from the eye because its brilliance and shine overshadow such negative effects.

While oval diamonds are undoubtedly extremely elegant, they would be perfect for one who is seeking a relatively modern shape. The oval shape is extremely versatile, so someone with shorter fingers may need to consider it for the impression of length. Since there are cutting style variations in oval diamonds, there are several factors to consider before choosing the right stone or ring set with it. Plus, they give off more color; with more stretched out facets, their inclusions can be relatively easily noticed.

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