A Comparison Between Oval Cut Diamond And Round Shaped Diamond


The best-known diamond cut is the one called ‘round brilliant’. However, the oval shaped diamond has recently become more popular, so customers wish to understand how it compares to the round brilliant cut stone. Some people say that it is not as good as the round shaped diamond, but we differ to this view. An oval cut diamond has a charm and makes beautiful engagement rings.

For more in-depth details on these two diamonds, go through the following comparison post. In this guide, we will discuss the benefits and disadvantages of both cut diamonds to help you choose between the two.


A round brilliant diamond has the maximum amount of brilliance, fire, scintillation and sparkle owing to its concentrated shape and arrangement of facets. An oval stone has less sparkle compared to the round counterpart. However, the faceting structure of it is similar to the traditional round diamond, and it is among the best shapes when it comes to brilliance. So a round-shaped diamond’s brilliance may exceed that of the oval counterpart, but the latter is worth appreciating.


An oval cut diamond mounted on ring’s metal band, with its face turned upwards, will look much bigger. When the diamond is set in a ring, you will see the ‘face-up’ size. It has around 10% more surfer area compared to the round stone. This means by choosing it over a round diamond, you will have more value for your money. After all, the diamond must appear its carat weight, or else you will pay for what you cannot notice.


The most expensive diamond is the one with the round brilliant cut. This is because of two things. Firstly, more amount of the raw diamond should be cut to form it than every other shape. Experts say that the diamond cutting process is likely to turn as much as 40% of it into scrap. Secondly, the round brilliant stone is more in demand than all other cut diamonds.

Oval diamonds are usually less expensive than the round brilliant counterparts. On ecommerce websites, you can find one that costs up to 40% less than the latter. If you are kind of strapped for cash, however, you might want to go for the oval stone. Interestingly, despite the cheaper price, more people still purchase diamonds with the other shape.

Variety In Diamond Shapes

The size makes one round diamond different from another, but both have the same shape. Conversely, an oval cut diamond shape can be slender, long, thin, squatter, and wider, according to the length-to-width ratio of it. So you have more options when it comes to choosing the oval rock. Oval diamonds with the ratio of about 1.45:1 have a classic shape, but the longer ones can make the finger appear slender, whereas the wider one resembles the round rock.


The number of round brilliant cut diamonds available in the market far exceeds the oval stones. There is no rocket science behind this. Round diamonds are more in supply because more customers desire to buy the shape. This desire is what economists and trade analysts often term as ‘demand’.

Now, should you be disappointed just because round diamonds are relatively less in demand? You should not be. If what you are seeking is a more unique diamond, then the rarer oval stone may be for you. The choice will help make your diamond stand out from the sea of round sparkle out there.

Criteria Round Diamond Oval Diamond
Sparkle More Less
Appearance Smaller Bigger
Price More Less
‘Bow-Tie’ Shadow No Yes (In Most Diamonds)
Availability Abundant Relatively Rare

The Diamond ‘Bow Tie’ Phenomenon

The term ‘bow tie’ refers to a shadow in a diamond, generally at the middle of it, which looks like a bow tie. It indicates how poorly cut the stone is. A round-shaped diamond has no bow-tie, whereas the oval one usually has it. Whether your diamond contains the bow-tie-like shadow or not, depends on the quality of the cut work.

The main issue is that the shadow is visible when you view the stone with the face set upwards. If the effect is not affecting the stone’s elegance much, then it is okay to have it. It is pretty usual for the oval diamond to have the bow-tie.

Setting Options

Oval cut and round-shaped stones can be put in any engagement ring setting, be it vintage, solitaire or a more innovative style such as the tension setting. There is no sharp edge on either of the diamonds, so it is pretty chip-resistant and does not require more protection from the setting elements. In the tension setting, pressure holds either diamond in the gap of the engagement ring, giving the impression that the stone is floating in the middle.

A ring set with a round-shaped diamond looks classier, and it is perfect for those who prefer a conventional style- jewelry piece. Conversely, an oval diamond ring looks more modern and unique of the two. No matter the shape, RockHer has a wide variety of rings that you can customize to your preference.

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