Tips For Instagram-Worthy Engagement Ring Photographs

Round Diamond Ring
Round Diamond Ring
Round Diamond Ring

As per Brides, creating an Instagram post with an engagement ring’s image is how modern couples announce their engagement. Do you also plan to do it? If so, you might wish to capture the perfect image of your ring. Here, we will discuss some tips to take that perfect selfie.

Focus On Lighting

As per Brides, the most significant factor for a ring with a diamond to shine is lighting. A diamond has several facets that face different directions. If you do not own a round diamond ring, you should have the lighting surrounding your rock to fully get its beauty in the photograph. You will have the best photograph under natural lighting outdoors or indoors. Sunlight can aid you in avoiding unwanted shadows that damper the sparkle of round diamond engagement rings or their fancy alternatives.

You need not have the brightest time of the day to get that proper lighting. Some photographers also recommend shooting engagement rings under overcast skies, window light or shade with no harsh shadows. You may also hold your hand out of the window in the daytime for a stunning ring selfie.

Pick A Flattering Backdrop

You may want all the attention to go to the ring, but you need not hold the hand up at any place for that magical moment. Before posting the image on Instagram, experiment with different backdrops to discover which one stands out more in a way that does not overshadow the ring. Choose a uniform and non-distracting backdrop as you wish people to take note of the piece without becoming overwhelmed by all the chaos surrounding it.

You would like the backdrop to be pretty and simple when you choose an Instagrammable skyline, patterned pillow or latte as the background of the selfie. The surroundings should complement the piece of jewelry instead of grabbing people’s attention from it.

You could also add your fiancé to the backdrop for the engagement ring selfie. As per Brides, it perhaps pays to make your fiancé smile at the camera from the backdrop. If you wish to make the audience focus on your ring, blur the face of your fiancé a bit with your mobile OS settings and make other necessary adjustments.

Be sure to take many photographs with various backdrops and in different forms of lighting so that you can choose the best selfie of the lot.

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