Why Queen Maxima Rocks Her Engagement Diamond Ring On The Right Hand?

Oval Diamond Engagement Rings
Oval Diamond Engagement Rings
Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

People wear engagement rings on the left-hand middle fingers as a norm. It is thought that a vein known as vena amoris runs from that finger straight to the heart. That is usually the reason why people wear it there as a symbol of love. The same does not always apply to famous people. Take Queen Maxima, for instance. Her jewelry piece, one of the subtlest oval diamond engagement rings of royal brides, is sometimes an exception to the norm.

Queen Maxima’s jewelry piece tends to be on the right hand in the photographs that get featured in print media and online. Now, does that mean the Queen is not at all romantic or sentimental? It may not be the case. There could be an extremely sentimental reason why she wears it on the two hands, based on her earlier religious practice.

She was raised as a Roman Catholic, and her church used to have people who favored their right hands for their bridal rings. Why? Because traditional beliefs associated the hand with strength. Anyhow, the Queen’s spouse Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands is a protestant. For your information, protestants are also a class of people who rocked rings on the left hands to symbolize their breaks from the Roman Catholic Church.

Alternating the engagement ring and wedding band may be Maxima’s way of honoring both her and her husband’s religious traditions. Now, several Catholic people follow the trend of wearing their wedding rings on the right-hand fingers. Using that hand is customary in a few European nations even now.

When the former Prince of Orange and banker Maxima Cerruti revealed their engagement, royal watchers got a brief sighting of the rare ring. The Prince gave his to-be bride a stunning white gold band with sparkly diamonds. It has a one-of-a-kind orange oval diamond as the centerpiece, with two emerald-shaped diamonds set around it. The orange in the diamond is thought to be a nod to Holland’s national color. So, you can also say that it is among the most patriotic oval cut engagement rings of royal brides.

The couple tied the knot about a year since Queen Beatrix’s engagement announcement. The bride had a stunning gown with a cowl-type neckline and a gorgeous lace train. This former banking professional topped off the look with her lace veil and diamond tiara.

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