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Diamonds are considered as possessions forever. The phrase ‘Diamonds are forever’ has stuck on to many minds, and it is natural for anyone to think that diamonds are a safe means to invest their money. In the beginning, when the diamonds were discovered, they were thought to be very rare and were very expensive. Those who possessed diamonds were considered rich in those days. However, changes happened over time. Diamond mines were found in many places around the world. The discovery of the diamond mines in South Africa was a remarkable thing.

Over time, diamonds did not lose its value. Rather it gained much love and popularity over the years. This was because new styles and patterns of diamonds came up at different times. Today, diamonds are available in various forms and shapes. According to the interests and likes of a person, he/she can choose an appropriate diamond of a particular cut and shape. These diamonds are available in various settings from which one can choose a setting appropriate for one’s finger.

Usually, diamonds that are used are colorless ones. However, there are also colored diamonds, which are rare but beautiful. Diamonds are available in various colors such as yellow, pink, green, blue, orange, etc. These colored diamonds are usually more valuable than their colorless counterparts. They give a special feel to the person wearing it. They appear so elegant and make excellent jewelry pieces. They are used to make a thin band solitaire engagement ring.

Unlike a colorless diamond, which is versatile, a fancy colored diamond must go with an appropriate setting for it to have a stunning look.

Color Grading of a Fancy Colored Diamond

According to the grading system of GIA, the color of a diamond is graded on a scale of D to Z on which D denotes a colorless diamond and M denotes the lowest grade of color. Usually, diamonds come with a yellowish tint. Purely colorless diamonds are not so easily available and are very expensive. The fancy colored diamonds are however graded based on a different scale, and the pricing of these diamonds depends on the color they exhibit.

Choosing Your Fancy Colored Diamond

You need to prepare your budget before you go on to purchase a fancy colored diamond. If you are dreaming to buy one in the future, you need to start saving money as early as possible. The fancy colored diamonds are expensive, and require a high budget, even if you plan to buy a colored diamond with less clarity and color intensity. For those diamonds with greater color intensity and clarity, you will have to pay a good amount of your savings. While purchasing your diamond, you need to assure that the diamond is certified by a reputed laboratory like the GIA (Gemological Institute of America). The diamond certificate that comes with the fancy colored diamond will describe the color of the diamond you are buying. Be careful to buy the diamond only from a reputed diamond seller.

The Shape of your Fancy Colored Diamond

In the same way, as the normal diamonds are available in different cuts and shapes, fancy colored diamonds are also available in different cuts and shapes. You are free to choose the fancy colored diamond of your favorite cut. The antique and step cuts like the emerald cut can highlight the color of the stone effectively. Some shapes like the pear, oval, and the marquise can make your finger look so thin when you wear the ring embedded with the stone. There are also the round and cushion-cut fancy colored rings, which are very elegant and stunning.

Pair it with the Right Metal

It is very important to pair your fancy colored diamond with the most suiting metal band. The suitable metal for the colored diamond will depend on the color of the diamond you have chosen. For the dark-colored diamonds, a yellow gold setting will be very appropriate. Nevertheless, it may not work well in a solitaire setting. Therefore, it will be good to use platinum or white gold with those solitaire dark-hued diamonds. A yellow gold or rose gold band will go well with a fancy diamond featuring side stones or a halo. There are many gold band engagement rings available in this format. If you have a pink or blue diamond, it will be in your best interest to pair it with a rose gold band. This can increase the romantic appeal of the jewelry piece.

Fancy Colored Diamonds in Halo Settings

The brilliance of a fancy-colored diamond and a colorless diamond vary considerably. In a colorless diamond, the brilliance will be very high and easily recognizable. However, in a fancy colored diamond, the brilliance is not so outstanding even when the diamonds used are cut in round brilliant or radiant shapes. This can be overcome by using a halo of colorless diamonds around the center fancy stone.

A fancy colored diamond can be the right choice for you if you are interested in buying jewelry with the features of a diamond but the color of a gemstone. Be careful to invest your money only on a fancy colored diamond that is certified by a reputed laboratory.

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