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Oval cut diamonds are a great choice for your engagement or wedding rings. Oval diamonds, which look like an elongated circle, have the same number of facets as a round-cut diamond. As a result of this, such diamonds are capable of producing the same sparkle as a round diamond. This shape is the favorite of those who love the sparkle of a round diamond but need a different and unique look. An oval cut diamond ring adds more beauty and elegance to your fingers. The important things that you need to know about oval diamonds are given below.

The effect of 4C’s

Like all other diamond shapes the 4C’s also a play a significant role in determining the value of an oval diamond. The “bow-tie” effect which decreases the value of every fancy cut diamond can also appear on an oval diamond too. This effect is caused as a result of poor cut and an exaggerated ratio.

Color grade

Color grade is very important for the elongated diamond shapes and so for the oval diamonds. When you select an oval diamond try to choose higher color grades. Such diamonds will have a brighter appearance and whiter look. It will be ideal to look for the F, G, or H grade diamonds when you buy an oval diamond.

Carat grade

When you buy an oval diamond it is better to give more importance to color grade than carat weight. An oval diamond will look more prominent and larger than other diamond shapes with same carat weight. This will help you to get a bigger appearance for your stone even if you choose one with less carat weight.

Oval ring setting

The setting of a diamond in a ring decides its ability to produce sparkle. If the setting of an oval diamond in a ring is perfect then it will exude maximum fire. Some setting will allow more light to hit the diamond, while some other settings will limit the entering of light. For an oval diamond, a raised head mount design, where the area that holds the diamond is raised, will allow more light to hit the diamond from different angles. As a result of this the diamond will produce more sparkle.

The number of prongs will also affect the amount of light entering. The design which has six prongs will enhance the shape of the oval diamond, but limits the light as it will cover the stone more. But with the design that has four prongs, there will be more room for the light to enter.

Metal choices

Be careful to choose the metal according to the color grade of an oval diamond. If the color grade is low, then it is better to choose a warmer metal like rose or yellow gold, as it will mask the yellowish hue of the oval diamond. Such diamonds will have a lighter appearance when combined with these metals.

For stones that are nearly colorless, choose a metal which enhances the whiteness of the diamond. Platinum is one of the ideal metals that can be used here. The natural white sheen of platinum will create a mirror-like effect which enables the bouncing of more light through the diamond. For pocket-friendly options you can also use silver or white gold.

Side stones for an oval diamond

When choosing side stones select ones that accentuates the shape of an oval diamond. Designs which include accent stones go very well with the oval diamonds. Such designs will further enhance the elongated. Some diamond shapes that best suits an oval diamond are triangular shaped trillion cuts and tapered baguette cuts. Round cut diamonds is also a great choice as they will wonderfully blend with the curves of an oval diamond.

Gemstones and oval diamonds

A touch of color will give the oval diamond a distinct and beautiful look. The best choices of gemstones that can be used with an oval diamond are purple amethyst, green emeralds and blue sapphires. It makes a colorless oval more stunning. If the diamond has a yellow tint, the warmer gemstones like yellow topaz, garnets and rubies will be more suitable.

Best settings for oval diamonds

If you are looking for oval engagement rings or oval wedding rings then there will be a variety of options available for you. It will go really well with almost any kind of settings. But some particular settings will make an oval diamond ring exceptional. Halo settings, Solitaire settings, Side-stone settings, Pavé settings etc. are some popular designs among them. It will make your oval ring more spectacular.

An oval cut diamond ring is a great choice for your engagement or wedding ring. An oval diamond has high level of brilliance and fire and a distinct look to it. It is a great choice for those who want a different appearance apart from the traditional look of round cut diamonds.

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