Ring Settings That Make Diamonds Appear Bigger

Round Diamond Ring
Round Diamond Ring
Round Diamond Ring

One of the main priorities for many people when buying a round diamond ring is getting the largest looking diamond at the lowest price. Most people usually buy a diamond engagement ring by setting up a budget and saving money each month. This amount may not be big enough to buy a diamond of large carat weight. In order to buy a bigger diamond ring, most people comprise the diamond’s cut quality and clarity, which is a great mistake.

If your budget is not big but wishes to buy an oval wedding ring that may look bigger than its actual carat weight, this article will help you. There are many ring settings that can help in enhancing the visual size of your diamond.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the ring setting designs that helps your diamond looks bigger.

Halo Settings

The main reason why many people prefer a halo setting for their diamond rings is that it can create better visual impacts. According to experts, the halo setting could help in improving the aesthetic appearance of the diamond ring. It could also increase the diamond’s sparkle. When we view a well-crafted halo ring from a distance, it will appear that the melee diamonds and the center diamond fuse together to create an illusion of a single big diamond.

Bezel Settings

In addition to making the center diamond looks bigger, the bezel setting ensures more protection to the center diamond. In this particular setting, there is a rim of metal that holds the center diamond in its place. The rim of metal that surrounds the diamond follows the outline of the stone, which helps to enhance its appearance. In addition to accentuating the size of the diamond, the bezel setting could improve the durability of a round diamond ring.

Cluster Settings

In this ring setting, several small diamonds are placed side by side. This arrangement increases the sparkle of the center diamond and also makes the diamond appear bigger than it actually is. One other benefit of choosing a cluster setting for your diamond ring is that it prevents damage to the diamond.

Invisible Setting

In this setting, small side stones are cut with grooved pavilions. Then they are slipped into a thin wire framework. This will allow the stone to set against each other without the need for prongs. This type of arrangement makes it look like one large stone.

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