About Us

Buying a diamond ring can be hard, right from the part where you choose a design that works well for everyone involved, to the one where you pay for it using whatever modes and sources of financing are available to you at the time. Every buyer can benefit from knowing more about what they plan to buy, which is exactly what we are here for. Our crew of diamond pros is interested in bringing valuable support in the form of insights and tips, which could save you from foolish purchases and steer you towards true value.

We prefer honest, plain, undeniable quality over outright ostentation, and often guide readers to seek out the former when they can, assuming they can afford it. We also have detailed posts on how you can find the right ring for yourself, your fiancée, your wife, or someone else. Most times when it comes to quality, we check not only the way a stone looks, but also what its accompanying grading report says about its physical and chemical makeup.

Old school advice, although usually unappealing in other areas, is often sound when it comes to jewelry and diamonds. We have plenty of this to give you, regarding finding rings that are priced rightly, getting a stone of the most suitable cut for the intended person, and of course, the setting to use when mounting it on a jewelry piece. We help you sort through any conflicting or confusing information you may already be carrying in your head.

If you wish to buy a beautiful, affordable diamond which is also ethically-sourced and has appealing grades, it works best when you first learn about your options before starting to entertain blind preferences. The good thing about this approach is that you would move towards not just beauty but also material quality; no one needs to be told how much more advisable that is from an investment perspective. Unless the person you intend it for is particular about what they want, you need to make sure you base your choice on all the right factors.

Like we said already, getting the right ring can be hard, but there are many things you could do to make it a lot easier than it normally is. Background research is one of those things, but since we do that for you, all you to need do is check out our fun, informative, and useful posts every once in a while for some of the best insights in gem-grade diamonds you can find online.